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Light Computer Skills Required... COBRA OnQue is an expert COBRA administration system – the only software on the market that uses an intelligent event processor to guide the inexperienced user through the COBRA administration process. This innovative technology gives even novice users the power to administer COBRA correctly and in minimal time.

It's more than a record-keeping system...
COBRA OnQue's power extends far beyond the simple COBRA record-keeping features offered by other products – it frees you and your staff from the challenge of acquiring and maintaining expertise in COBRA law because it guides, teaches and advises, every step of the way.

COBRA OnQUe Connections
COBRA Information Conveniently Organized
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  • Folders of information are neatly organized in a familiar explorer-style interface.
  • Includes animated tutorials, which get you up and running quickly.
  • Simple, direct access to features via pop-up menus.
  • Automatic reminders of critical deadlines.
  • Includes many keystroke-reduction features, which simplify and speed data maintenance.

COBRA OnQue Event History
Complete Event History Tracking & Reporting
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COBRA OnQue Things To Do
"Things To Do" Tracked in Highly Visible Folders with Daily Reminder Popup
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  • Automatically administers complex COBRA rules — simply tell COBRA OnQue what happened and when (termination, Medicare entitlement, FMLA, COBRA election, etc.), and it does the rest.
  • Automatically maintains a detailed event history, including copies of all notices sent and detailed recipient information.
  • Automatically generates over 40 customized (not boilerplate) notifications.
  • Automatically generates premium payment schedules and includes payment processing and receivables tracking.
  • Automatically monitors time-sensitive data and calendars important tasks in up to 9 Things To Do folders.
COBRA OnQue Qualifying Event Notice
COBRA Notices Automatically Generated & Customized To Case Specifics
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  • FastFacts COBRA topics, which are prominently displayed at the top of your working window, automatically change as you work, keeping relevant COBRA information and advice just a mouse click away.
  • OnQue Connections provides easy access to COBRA and HR related Internet resources.


  • HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage.
  • Employee & Dependent Profiles & Lists.
  • COBRA Participant Reports.
  • COBRA Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • COBRA Event History Reports.
  • Your sensitive employee information is always safely encrypted on your disk drive, even while you are using COBRA OnQue. It cannot be viewed, printed or modified by third-party programs.
  • Logon and encrypted password security ensures that only authorized personnel have access to your employee and COBRA files.
  • Highly cost-effective when compared to time-consuming manual administration and on-going COBRA training expenses.
  • Protects against costly "brain-drain" due to staff turnover — anyone can quickly learn to administer COBRA efficiently and accurately using COBRA OnQue.
  • Far less expensive than third party administrators, and even easier and more efficient to use.

As the person in charge of COBRA administration, you know that compliance is not an option. It is the law. To protect your company from IRS penalties - to sidestep costly litigation - you must be in complete compliance with this important legislation.

And you know that making sense of COBRA’s complex event tracking requirements and notification schedules is no easy task. It takes your time. It demands your expertise. It drains your resources.

Save time. Achieve compliance. Keep up with the latest developments. And stay out of court. Put COBRA OnQue to work for you today!

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