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Recent COBRA Tips
Questions and Answers from the OnQue COBRA Help Desk, Part IV
COBRA Tips by Topic
COBRA Coverage Periods
Determining COBRA Start Dates: Exceptions to the General Rule Updated 12-18-2011

COBRA Damages & Penalties
Failure to Provide SPD Results in $17,000 Penalty
IRS COBRA Audits and Penalties: Are You Prepared?
Unclear SPD Results in Lawsuit Against Employer
Who Pays Damages When COBRA Is Improperly Denied?

COBRA Election
Can Qualified Beneficiaries Elect Coverage For Others?
How Does a Qualified Beneficiary Waive COBRA Coverage?

COBRA Eligibility
Dropping a spouse's coverage in anticipation of divorce
DOL Publishes Compliance Guide For Qualified Medical Child Support Orders: What You Need To Know About Court-Ordered Health Coverage For Children
Q&A: Anticipating Legal Separation (What's Legal About It?)
Q&A: Is Voluntary Coverage Subject to COBRA?
Q&A: Employee Living in Car Arrested; Fails to Return to Work
Q&A: Ex-spouse Claims Entitlement to 36 Months; Broker and Carrier Disagree
Q&A: Must My Client Offer COBRA to an Illegal Alien?
Q&A: Must We Offer COBRA to a Former Employee Who Moves Out of State?
The Gross Misconduct Exception
The National Medical Support Notice: What Plan Administrators Need To Know About Court-Ordered Health Coverage for Children
Understanding When COBRA Should Not Be Offered
Why Are Domestic Partners Ineligible For COBRA Coverage?

COBRA Notices
Are You Using The Safest Method To Deliver COBRA Notices?
Can You Be Sued If COBRA Notices Don't Measure Up?
Communication Is Crucial For Effective COBRA Administration
Do You Provide Terminated Employees with Adequate and Timely Benefits Information?
Electronic Delivery of COBRA Notifications
How Many Days Are Allowed to Provide Qualifying Event Notice — 14 or 44?
Q&A: Employer Believes Qualifying Event Notice Must Be Delivered in 14 Days
Q&A: Notification Requirements When Terminating COBRA
Q&A: Post Office Cannot Deliver Notice
Q&A: Postal Worker Says Certificate of Mailing Won't Hold Up in Court

COBRA Premiums & Billing
Are You Handling Partial COBRA Premium Payments Correctly?
Calculating the First Premium Payment Amount and Due Date
COBRA Billing: Is It Required?
COBRA Premiums: Do You Know the Rules?

COBRA Termination
Do You Know When It's OK To Terminate COBRA Coverage Early?
You May Need To Offer Conversion Coverage When COBRA Ends
Q&A: Notification Requirements When Terminating COBRA

DOL Regulations & Publications
Final COBRA Regulations Issued by the DOL
New COBRA Notice Rules Proposed By Labor Department
New Disclosure Guide Includes COBRA Information

Employer Qualification
Are you sure you know the difference between independent contractors and employees?
IRS Revenue Ruling: When small employers receive stock or acquire assets, how are employees counted for COBRA purposes?
Q&A: Is Voluntary Coverage Subject to COBRA?
Q&A: Counting Employees for COBRA Purposes

FMLA and COBRA: How Do They Interact?

Deadline Approaches For Compliance With Federal Privacy Notice Rules
Do you need Business Associate Contracts? Are you distributing the Notice of Privacy Practices?

IRS Rules COBRA Not Extended After Medicare Entitlement
Medicare's Effect on COBRA
Q&A: COBRA & Medicare

HRAs: Are They Subject to COBRA?
What Is Your ERISA Fiduciary Duty To Beneficiaries?
What You Need to Know When Your Carrier is Administering COBRA
Q&A: COBRA & Health Reimbursement Arrangements

State Continuation Coverage
California's New Conversion Policy Requirements
New California Law Will Affect Federal COBRA Recipients

Summary Plan Description
Description of COBRA rights must be included in SPD
Failure to Provide SPD Results in $17,000 Penalty
Unclear SPD Results in Lawsuit Against Employer

Trade Act of 2002
The Trade Act of 2002: How will it affect COBRA administration?
The Trade Act of 2002 & COBRA
Trade Act Advance Tax Credit Procedures Published By IRS: Employers Off The Hook For Advancing COBRA Premiums

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